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Swan Lake Campground
7235 Old Kamloops Rd.
Vernon V1H 1W6

Office Hours: 9 am to 6:30 pm

Telephone: 250-545-2300

Thank you for your interest in visiting Swan Lake RV & Campground.  

PLEASE NOTE!!  We are FULLY booked for RV sites from July 1- August 6th and have nothing available for RV’s between these dates.  

For tenters: we do have sporadic availability in July and August, but if you are wanting to tent on the long weekends, we are FULLY booked and have nothing available.  

If you have read and understood the above notes and you still need to contact us,  please click here to contact us or phone 250 545 2300 during regular business hours. Thank you!

Have a great day!!

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